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Deer In Your Yard? No Problem!

While many people are out looking for deer, you probably don't like finding them in your own yard. When deer make their way onto your property, they can tear apart your lawn and eat your plants. This time of the year, you are bound to see a few deer making their way out of the forest. Luckily, Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control company has a few things you can do to make sure they don't find their way to your yard.  1. Lawn Decorations Deer are typically very skittish, so it is best to use that to your advantage. Lawn decoration, such as scarecrows, sundials and other lawn ornaments, especially those with moveable parts could keep them out of your yard. They also don't like loud noises, so having windchimes in your yard could also be useful in keeping them away.  2. Fences Fences are one of the best ways to keep deer off of your property. If you decide to put up a fence to keep deer out, make sure it is over 8-foot tall, as deer could jump anything lower. Al

Protect Your Restaurant From Pests

If you or someone you know owns a restaurant, then you know how important a clean and well-kept kitchen is for a successful business. Unfortunately, restaurants are prime targets for pests, so it's important to use a Lake of the Ozarks pest control company to make sure your restaurant is pest free, so you can continue to run your business without worrying about a bug or rodent problem. Why Pests Love Restaurant Restaurants typically have food in storage to prepare for customers, which pests see as a perfect place to settle in because of the easy access to food. Luckily, restaurants can minimize pest invasions by practicing good cleaning habits, and keep food spillage to a minimum. Restaurants serve large quantities of food for long periods of time. In addition, customers or even servers may accidentally drop food on the floors. Plus, large industrial kitchens have plenty of areas where grease and food can get trapped. Because of all of this, it's important to clean s

5 Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Christmas is just in a few days and the team at Best Pest Control is getting into the holiday spirit! People all around the world celebrate Christmas, and while some traditions remain the same, there are a few unique traditions that are special to certain regions like (fake) spiders and webs in Christmas trees or decorating banana trees. Your Lake of the Ozarks pest control company takes a look at a few of these interesting traditions that people do around Christmas.  1. A Very Spidey Christmas - Ukraine In America, it is common to decorate your Christmas tree with tinsel, ornaments, garland, but what about spiders? Ukrainians forego the "traditional" Christmas tree decorations and cover their trees with spiders and cobwebs - fake ones of course! According to the local folklore, there was a poor woman who would not afford to decorate the family's Christmas tree, The next morning, her children woke up to see the tree covered with webs and when the first light of Chri

Avoiding Pests This Christmas

It's the holiday season and many people are getting their homes ready for the upcoming festivities. However, some of our decorations can bring in some unwanted guests. Luckily, your Lake of the Ozarks pest control company has a few tips, so you can enjoy your live decorations without having to worry about pests making themselves at home.  1. Christmas Trees A live Christmas tree is by far the biggest pest magnet during the holiday season. Not only can bugs live in the tree, they can also lay eggs in the tree. When brought into the warm house, the eggs could hatch causing a pest infestation. The USDA Christmas Tree Pest Manual lists all the pests that could be brought into your home through your Christmas tree. However, before you decide to ditch the real tree for a fake tree, take a few precautions to keep the bugs from crashing your Christmas party. First, shake your tree out before bringing it inside and carefully inspect it. After it's inside, regularly look for any si

Make Sure Your Home Is Safe This Winter

Do you own a vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks? If so, there's a lot more you need to do other than locking the door when it is time to leave for the season. The Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control company does more than protecting your home from pests, we also have a winter home check service to protect your home from the winter weather. This service from Best Pest Control covers a variety of monthly household checks, including: Checking the Pipes A service technician will check the pipes in your house to make sure that they aren't frozen or cracked. While we're at it, we'll make sure that the water is turned off and that the pipes are clear from any obstructions that could damage them while you're away. Checking the Dock Your boat may be winterized, but your dock is still in the water and subject to the hazards of the freezing temperatures. Our crew can stop by once or twice a month to make sure your dock is withstanding the winter. If needed