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Protect Your Home From Fleas With Best Pest Control!

Most pet owners know to protect their pets against fleas in the summer months. However, once summer ends, usually so do the preventive measures. In some areas, fall is the worst month for fleas. Because they are resilient parasites, they can survive some pretty brutal environments, meaning you may not be free of them even in winter! If you are finding fleas on your pet, make sure you call the  best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks . Here are a few things you should know about fleas and proper flea control. Even Healthy Pets Can Get Fleas While a healthy diet is less attractive to fleas, it won't keep them away in heavily infested areas. It is important to make sure your yard is sprayed regularly by a pest control company and use flea repellent on your pets to make sure they don't bring them in from their walks. Humans Can Get Fleas, Too! While it is true that fleas live on pets, they can quickly jump off and find a new home in your carpets, bedding and furniture.

Time to Schedule Winter Checks!

If you own a second home at the Lake, there's more to preparing your home for winter than locking the door and moving south! The  Lake of the Ozarks' best home maintenance company  has a winter home check service to make sure your second home is prepared and safe for the winter weather while you migrate to warmer climates. This service from  Best Pest Control  covers a variety of monthly household checks, including: Checking the Pipes A service technician will check the pipes in your house to make sure that they aren't frozen or cracked. While we're at it, we will make sure that the water is turned off and that the pipes are clear from any obstructions that could damage them while you're away. Checking the Dock Your boat may be winterized, but your dock is still in the water and subject to the hazards that the freezing temperatures may bring. Our crew can stop by once or twice a month to make sure your dock is withstanding the winter. If needed, we can install a de-

Cockroaches: 4 Disturbing Facts You Didn't Know

Few things generate a call to Best Pest Control as fast as a roach infestation. These insects may be thought to be only associated with dirty, neglected homes, but often that isn't the case. The Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control company has seen cockroaches in all kinds of places - including clean houses! Here are a few facts surrounding cockroaches. 1. Cockroaches Can Live In Clean Homes Too Cockroaches are often thought to infest only dirty, unkept, and disorganized homes. While they prefer dark and damp places, cockroaches don't particularly have a preference: they can enter even the most pristine of homes. While a home may look like it belongs on a magazine cover, many people bring roaches into their homes by accident. They can enter from cardboard boxes, grocery bags, or ride in from someone else's house. They can also live in the walls! Seeing one cockroach does not necessarily mean you have an infestation. If there isn't an easy food supply or shelter, t

It's Time to Clean those Gutters!

Now that most of the leaves have fallen, it's time to start thinking about cleaning up all those leaf piles around your home. One place every homeowner should be paying extra attention to this time of year are the gutters. Gutter cleaning is an important but dreaded home improvement chore, but with regular and thorough cleaning, you'll keep your gutters in tip-top shape. Before you grab a ladder, let's look at the reasons why gutter cleaning is so essential, and some tips for making this task easier. Why Clean Your Gutters?  A home's gutter system controls the flow of rainwater from the rooflines. This protects your home’s roof, walls, foundation and landscape. If debris builds up in them, it could lead to sagging gutters, mold growth, wet basements, a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Gutters filled with debris can also make homes for rodents and other pests. Neglecting gutter maintenance can lead to costly repairs down the line. Clea

3 Reasons to Rake those Leaves!

The leaves have begun their change and started falling all over the place. What a beautiful sight it is! Soon all the trees will be bare as they enter a dormant state for the winter. So, what will you do now with all of these fallen leaves? Some may say 'just leave them lay and let nature take its course'. In the woods, that's fine. But in your yard and around your home, that's not the best answer. Here's why you should get those leaves removed . 1. Let Your Lawn Breathe Allowing a thick layer of leaves to lay on your lawn won't necessarily harm your lawn... unless you add the weight of a good snow or ice that's bound to come this winter. A thick layer of fallen leaves matted down can get in the way of the growth of grass. If not raked up in time, a thick or matted layer of fallen leaves can cast too much shade over the grass below, and prevent your lawn from getting the sunlight and healthy nutrients it needs to thrive in the spring. Instead, you'll end