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What is Attracting All Those Gnats?

Gnats are a common pest problem that can be extremely annoying. And if left unchecked, can require a call to the  #1 pest company at the Lake of the Ozarks  to get rid of. The best indication you have a bug problem on your hands is seeing the adults fly about in the air.  Best Pest Control  can resolve gnat infestations so that you can get rid of them once and for all. It is crucial to locate the sources of the gnats to keep them from breeding. Here are some common things that may be attracting gnats to hang out in and around your home: No Surprise... Your Kitchen Offers So Much for Gnats! Gnats are primarily attracted to sweet and fruity scents, so the kitchen is often where you'll find these pesky pests hanging around. Gnats feed on food scraps that you leave in your kitchen. Some of the most frequent places in your kitchen that gnats will quickly lay eggs and inhabit are: Food Sources - When you store food, make sure it is in an airtight container, and placed in a sea

Are You Prone to Mosquito Bites?

Have you ever spent a summer evening hanging outside with friends only to find yourself covered in itchy red mosquito bites and your friends saying they have none? You're not alone! It turns out that mosquitoes really are drawn to some people more than others. While it may seem like you're being targeted as the universe's way of playing a mean joke, there are some reasons as to why some of us are getting eaten alive and others are untouched. Here are a few reasons as to why your summers may be spent constantly itching mosquito bites. You Have The Right Blood Type Just like you have favorite foods, mosquitoes also have a favorite blood type. Studies have found that those with Type O blood are twice as attractive to mosquitoes than those with Type A blood. Those with Type B are somewhere in the middle. In addition, about 85 percent of people produce a secretion that tells mosquitoes what blood type they are, so they are drawn to those types of people more than the non-s

Pre & Post-Service Tips to Get the Most from Your Pest Control Treatment

Having your home and lawn sprayed regularly can help control insects from infesting your home. However, if you do spot an insect crawling across your counter,  Best Pest Control  can help you get rid of your infestations. Before your routine preventative maintenance, here are a few things you can do to get the most out of  Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control  services. When a  pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks  comes to your home, they will determine what type of infestation you have and how frequent you should have your home sprayed. Although you do not have to be home for treatment of the outside of your home, there are some preparation items you can tackle before they treat the inside of your home to ensure better results, depending on what type of infestation you have. Spiders Move small items away from walls. Make sure there are no items underneath the beds.  Clean along walls.  If you have a fish tank, make sure it is covered and that the pump i

Don't Let Flies Ruin Your Summer!

Backyard barbeques, swimming, and family fun outdoors... that could only mean one thing. Summer is here and so are the flies. If you've noticed an increase in the number of flies inside your home after the busy holiday weekend, it's probably due to the doors being left open, all that enticing food sitting out on your countertops, and the cool air conditioning welcoming those pesky pests. You're probably more than ready for some relief from those buzzing nuisances. Although house flies are mostly harmless, they are very annoying. They are dirty pests and could even make you sick and can sometimes even bite your pets. Don't let flies ruin your summer fun!  Best Pest Control  has some tips to help you fight back. Clean Counter Surfaces Well To avoid flies, it's best to clean every surface with disinfectant. It's especially important to regularly clean the areas where you eat or cook like the kitchen or table. Bleach base or chlorine base cleaners are th