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3 Pest Prevention Tips for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is for a patron to see a bug skittering through your shop. Not only will they hit the floor running, but they'll likely spread the word... and in a close-knit community like ours, bad news travels fast! Before you know it, you're getting visits from a health inspector and closing the doors. Don't let that be the future for your business. Instead, rely on the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks to keep your establishment pest free! Keep Things Clean Restaurants can minimize pest invasions by practicing good cleaning habits, and keeping food spillage to a minimum. Unlike at your home, restaurants serve large quantities of food for long periods of time. Customers or servers may accidently drop food on the floor. Large industrial kitchens also have plenty of areas where grease and food can get trapped. Cleaning serving areas frequently and scouring all areas where food is prepared can minimize any pest issues

5 Common Misconceptions About Pest Control

No matter what the season is, bugs are around us all the time, 24/7. Of course, they are a lot more noticeable and prominent in the warmer months, but they are still around during the winter. When it comes to bugs and pest control, Best Pest Control knows that there are a few misconceptions about pest control treatments and the best way to treat an infestation. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks wants to clear the air on these five common pest control misconceptions. Check them out below! 1. A Clean Home Means a Pest-Free Home While it's true that cleanliness greatly diminishes the chances of an infestation, that isn't always the case. You may think that you can't have a pest problem because your kitchen is spotless. However, a box of old clothes, children's toys, and yellowing newspapers can be an all-you-can-eat extravaganza for insects. So just because you are clean, it doesn't mean you can't have a pest problem. 2. A Few Pes

Which Pests Are Seeking Shelter In Your Home This Winter?

Although we see the majority of pest related problems during the summer, that doesn't mean they are completely gone in the winter. In fact, the cold weather actually makes pests more likely to seek warmth and shelter in your home. So, which pests should we be aware of this winter? Best Pest Control shares with you the most common pests we see throughout the winter months. Rodents During the winter, rodents, such as rats and mice, enter homes more often in search of shelter and warmth. They will find their way in by squeezing through holes the size of a quarter or climbing up drain pipes. Not only are they causing damage to your home by gnawing on furnishings and building materials, they also pose a health risk to your family. Exposure to their urine and droppings can transmit serious diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus and infection. Cockroaches If you were hoping that cockroaches die in the winter, you may not be pleased to find out the truth. Not only do they surviv

Best Pest Control Services

Do you have insects and pests crawling around your property that you'd like to get rid of or protect yourself from? Look no further because we have you covered. Our expert team is trained to "get rid" of these annoyances. We have a defense against all the pests that affect central Missouri so you don't have to worry. Best Pest Control is your source for all things pests. We've got you protected from all pests infecting central Missouri. Serving the entire Lake of the Ozarks, Best Pest Control offers a full range of pest control, animal control, and weed control services. Our pest control services include: Spider Control for Your Home and Dock Ant Control Mosquito Control Termite Inspections & Treatment Live Trapping Weed Control Lawn Spraying Low Odor & FDA Approved In addition to pest control, we also offer the following services: Deck Cleaning & Repair Gutter Cleaning & Repair Landscaping Lawn Treatments Leaf Blowing &am

Protect Your 2nd Home with Our Winter Check Services

Do you own a second home at the Lake? There's more to preparing your home for winter than locking the door and moving south! The Lake of the Ozarks' best home maintenance company has a winter home check service to make sure your second home is prepared and safe for the winter weather while you migrate to warmer climates. This service from Best Pest Control covers a variety of monthly household checks, including: Checking the Pipes A service technician will check the pipes in your house to make sure that they aren't frozen or cracked. While we're at it, we will make sure that the water is turned off and that the pipes are clear from any obstructions that could damage them while you're away. Checking the Dock Your boat may be winterized, but your dock is still in the water and subject to the hazards that the freezing temperatures may bring. Our crew can stop by once or twice a month to make sure your dock is withstanding the winter. If needed, we can install