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Helpful Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away

It's mosquito season at the Lake of the Ozarks . If you plan to spend any time outside, you will want to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Sometimes it takes more than bug spray to keep these pests away. Best Pest Control can spray your backyard and get rid of these annoying summer pests. In addition, the best pest control at the Lake of the Ozarks also has some tips on how you can keep the mosquitoes from taking over your lawn this summer. Preventing Mosquitoes Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in water, and not much water at that. A Frisbee or even a plastic water bottle cap can hold enough water for them to breed. To avoid mosquitoes from laying their eggs, take the following steps: Regularly clean your swimming pool. Find and remove any standing water around your home. Punch a hole in any unusable tires laying in the yard to prevent pools of water from forming inside them. Dump and wipe out your bird bath every few days. The eggs can stick to the bottom of t

5 Reasons to Hire the Lake's BEST Pest Control Company

If you find that you have pests in your home, is your first thought to call the experts? You may think it is not a big problem or that you can treat it yourself. However, there are many reasons that you should call  Best Pest Control  when you see bugs or other pests in your home. From costs to health risks, there are many reasons hiring the  best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks  is your best option. Here are five reasons why you should consider making an appointment with the professionals: 1. Proper Treatment Because pest control companies are trained to get rid of pests, they can use the proper sprays to make sure they don’t come back. You may think treating ants is a simple task. However, there are many different species of ants and each one may require a different type of product or application. You may not know what kind of ant it is and how to properly treat it, resulting in them coming back and you spending more money and time to solve the issue.

4 Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Wasps are a pesky problem to have when trying to enjoy the beautiful weather this summer at the Lake of the Ozarks. Wasps can be a dangerous pest to have both indoors and outdoors, especially when friends and family are near. Having wasps flying around, seeing their nest, or being stung is a clear sign that you need to address the issue in a timely manner. Keep your home, family, and pets safe from wasps this summer by having  the  best Pest Control company at the Lake of  the Ozarks  treat your home . Here are a few signs you may have a wasp infestation that needs to be addressed immediately: 1. You've Seen Them Flying Around You may have a wasp problem if you visibly see wasps flying around the outdoor space of your home. Wasp bodies have yellow and black markings. They maneuver through the air quickly, similar to a bird. Since they fly around fast, wasps can be difficult to spot . However,  you may hear them buzzing around your home. Seeing  and/or hearing  wasps 

Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthy with these Summer Lawn Care Tips

During the Summer months at the Lake of the Ozarks, it can be hard to keep your lawn healthy. Between random storms and hot, humid days, your lawn may need some work. Best Pest Control doesn’t just keep pests at bay, we also help with lawn care maintenance at Lake of the Ozarks ! Here are some easy lawn care tips to help your grass stay healthy during the summer months. Mow Your Lawn to the Right Height  During the summer, you want to keep your lawn a little taller than normal. Having your lawn tall will help shade the soil so it doesn’t dry out. This will lead to your lawn having deeper roots, and it will prevent weed seeds from germinating. Water Appropriately Water your lawn deeply and infrequently for the healthiest grass. Your lawn needs at least an inch of water on a weekly basis, and more if there is severe heat. Keep a rain gauge to keep track of the amount of rainfall to prevent overwatering your lawn. Keep Lawn Mower Blades Sharp Dull lawn mower blades damage you

Tips for a Pest Free Summer Part 2

As we are recovering from the long holiday weekend and getting back into the swing of things, some people might begin to turn their attention to preventative pest control for the summer months ahead. Did you notice any bugs or unwanted house guests over the weekend? Best Pest Control can help! Last week we started our list of tips on how to help keep bugs away this summer. This week, the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks is finishing the list. Check out the rest of our tips below and don’t forget to schedule your preventative pest control appointment with Best Pest Control. Get Rid of Standing Water The first and one of the best steps to controlling mosquitoes is to remove any standing water in or around your yard. No matter how big or how small, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even if it doesn’t rain, you might still have standing water in your yard. It can be easy to miss, so it’s important to regularly walk around your proper