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Doing More Than Getting Rid of Bugs

The only good thing about the summer season ending is the fact that the bugs will be few and far between during the winter months. However, you still need to protect your home from insects that are hiding from the cold weather. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you protect your home from these bugs. However, there are many other services that Best Pest Control offers during the off-season including: Pest Control Services Although you may not need pest control services in the middle of winter, you may need it while transitioning to fall. Many different insects like to seek warm places to escape the cold weather, and that warm place may be your home. Termites may also swarm again soon, so make sure your home is fully protected.  Leaf Blowing & Removal The leaves turning is a sign that fall is upon us. However, they will quickly fall and cover your yard. That is where  Best Pest Control  comes into play.  Excess leaves on the grass

Flea Infestation Do's and Don'ts

Fleas are one of the many pests that warrant immediate action if found in the home setting. These vermin can be carried in on your clothes, in a pet's fur, or in extreme cases, in the fur of other pests! The most trusted pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks has put together a list of do's and don'ts that should help you not only contain the flea problem but eliminate them as well. Remember, the easiest solution to fleas is to call Best Pest Control ! Do: Wash and Wipe Down Everything in the Affected Area Fleas are resilient, they can linger in areas for long periods of time, waiting for the right moment to jump on you for a meal. Wiping down hard surfaces and treating the infested area with proper treatment is a crucial step in removing the bugs from your home. Wash all the fabrics and family pets to eradicate any fleas or their eggs as well. Don't: Ignore the Signs of a Major Infestation Fleas are tiny creatures. If you see them, that means they'v

10 Tips To Getting Rid Of Ants

Summer is the time when all the bugs come out of the woodworks and somehow make their way into your home. During rain storms, ants like to find shelter, and that is usually inside your house. They are always looking for food, so you will typically find them in your kitchen carrying away crumbs. The best pest control at the Lake of the Ozarks has 10 tips on how you can keep these guys from taking over your home: 1. Use Caulk. Ants are tiny, so there are many ways they can get into your home. Try sealing your windows, doors and cracks with caulk to deter them from entering your home. Plus, sealing up your home can help save you money on your energy bills – so it’s a win-win! 2. Clean with Vinegar. Cleaning surfaces in your home with a vinegar and water mixture is not only natural, it also can help deter ants. Ants supposedly do not like the smell of vinegar, and it removes the scent trails they use to get around. 3. Use Chalk or Baby Powder. Talcum Powder, an ingredient i

5 Pests You Can Spot In The Summer

Summer is the time when everyone is out and about, and that includes the bugs! Having a Lake of the Ozarks pest control company come out and spray your home regularly can help control these summer pests. Although you should have your home sprayed before the start of the summer season, it is not too late! Best Pest Control can take care of all your pest control needs, including these annoying insects you spot this time of the year: Ants Ants are probably the number one pest control problem in the country. They will come out during the beginning of the spring and will remain active the entire summer. Ants will search for food and water wherever they go. They will eat nearly anything from dog food to grease left on the stove. If one ant finds something tasty, it will tell the others and soon your home will be infested. Mosquitoes Mosquito season seems to never end. You see them pop up during early spring and they will stick around until the first freeze. You will find t