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Kick Off the Official Fall Season with these Events!

We at Best Pest Control are not quite ready for summer to be over just yet, but the season is wrapping up. Our calendars say today is the first official day of the fall season, so we guess it's time to embrace all that fall has to offer. At the Lake of the Ozarks, that's a lot! Check out some of the local events that'll kick off the fall season this weekend! Pumkin Chunkin' Palooza Sep 28, 2019 Ozarks Amphitheater 2629 MO Hwy 5 Camdenton Missouri 65020 Hours of Operation: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Lake of the Ozarks Family-Friendly Fall Event! This year the event will host its first Pumkin Chunkin' Competition! There will be a "Largest Pumpkin Contest" and a"Best Decorated Contest" complete with awesome prizes. Enjoy this and more, complete with great MO microbrews and MO wines and tantalizing foods as you browse through all MO artisans and crafters. Throughout the day the stage will great live music all day. Lots for the young ones to enj

Gnats Driving You Nuts? We've Got the Solution!

Is it just us or are the gnats relentless this time of year? It's like you smoosh one, and 3 more appear in its place. Gnats are a common pest problem, which can require a call to the #1 pest company at the Lake of the Ozarks . The best indication you have a bug problem on your hands is seeing the adults fly about in the air. Best Pest Control can resolve gnat infestations so that you can get rid of them once and for all. It is crucial to locate the sources of the gnats to keep them from breeding. Here are some common places that you will find gnats in your home: In Your Kitchen Stop gnats from re-infesting by getting rid of their food supply. Gnats feed on food scraps that you leave in your kitchen. Some of the most frequent places in your kitchen that gnats will quickly lay eggs and inhabit are: Food Sources -  When you store food, make sure it is in an airtight container, and placed in a sealed cabinet or refrigerator. Keep an eye on fruit or keep it in the refrigera

6 Fall Maintenance Items Best Pest Control Can Help With!

Although the first day of fall is September 23, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the season, especially if you're a second homeowner at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you're thinking about getting your home ready for the fall season, here are the ways Best Pest Control can help! Pest Control Pest control may be the last thing on your mind once the summer ends, but pests don't go away during the fall. Many different insects like to seek out shelter to escape the cold, and that warm place may be your home. Termites also tend to swarm during the fall, so make sure your home is fully protected and call a Lake of the Ozarks pest control company. Fall Lawn Care Although you may not be mowing your lawn every weekend, there are still some things you need to do to make sure your lawn is prepared for the following spring. The leaves will soon be changing, and they will soon be covering your yard. Excess leaves on your grass can kill

What's the Difference Between Earwigs & Silverfish?

In Missouri, there are tons of bugs that we encounter in our homes. Usually these pests can be categorized within the same species, there are a few bugs that are unlike any others. Often, these two get confused and think of them as the same insect, the Earwig and Silverfish are two very unique insects.  Best Pest Control  is here to explain the difference between the two. If you think you may have an infestation of either of these pesky insects, give the  best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks  a call. How to Tell Earwigs and Silverfish Apart  Appearance Here are a few ways to tell the difference between earwigs and silverfish. Earwigs   Earwigs have slightly flattened bodies, however, that’s the only resemblance it has to the silverfish. Earwigs are usually brown or black and some have stripes of reddish coloring on their heads and limbs. Earwigs can be anywhere from ¼ of an inch to 1 ¼ inches long. Earwigs have wings, but they hardly ever fly. One of