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What Do Customers Say About Best Pest Control?

Best Pest Control at the Lake of the Ozarks loves our customers.  When our trained technicians treat your house for pests, they always do it as if they are treating their very own home.  Customer satisfaction is one of the most important  things to us, and we greatly appreciate it when people take the time to give us feedback.  Here is what a few of our clients have to say about the best exterminators at the Lake of the Ozarks .   "Great service from very nice and trustworthy people. Always there when you need them." - Terry Knox "We have been Best Pest customers since we purchased our home in the Village of Four Seasons in 1990. To say we have been satisfied would be an understatement. They have been great and we are very pleased with the pest control service they have given. As one of the first in our neighborhood to use Best Pest we go out of our way to recommend them to our neighbors. We do it with pride. In addition, we are frequent users of some of t

Best Pest Control Can Get Rid of Rats and More

Happy Rat Catcher's Day!  Believe it or not, this really is a holiday, and it is one that definitely got the attention of the best pest control company of the Lake of the Ozarks .  Rat Catcher's Day is intended to commemorate the famous myth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  Like many fairy tales, this was based on real events, but of course over time and re-telling, took on a life of its own.   The actual date depends on whether you follow the Grimm Brothers story putting it on July 26 or the poem by Robert Browning placing in on July 22.  Basically, there was a rat infestation and the townspeople of Hamelin, Germany hired the Pied Piper to get rid of the mice with his magic, musical flute.  He did, but the town wouldn't pay him, so he lured away the children as a punishment for the town. Best Pest Control has much better techniques than the old piper in the tale.  (And we would never lure away your children.  Did you ever notice how old fairy tales usually have som

Rainy Days May Have Forced Ants Into Your Home

We are finally enjoying some beautiful Summer days in this area, but a few weeks ago the constant rains may have forced ants to look for a dry spot inside your home.  While they do look for water to survive, heavy rains flood their undreground homes causing them to seek shelter in yours.   Ant Control at the Lake of the Ozarks is one of the specialties of Best Pest Control.    These pesky little creatures are very difficult to get rid of once they decide to set up camp.  Best Pest Control would like to clue you in on some reasons that you should seek out a Lake of the Ozarks professional exterminator if this happens to you. There are more than you think. You may only see a few ants wandering around your kitchen, but those won't be the only ones on property.  Only a small portion of an ant colony is sent out for food at a time.  Even though you think you killed those ten that you saw, there may be hundreds more waiting for their turn to venture out. They are never satis

6 Summer Pests To Keep At Bay

Summer seems to wake us all up and get us out and about.  Sadly, bugs feel the same way about this season. Having a pest control expert visit your home regularly is always wise, but especially necessary in the Summer. Taking measures to keep all of these pests away before they actually show up can make it a lot easier to control them when they are around in large numbers.   Best Pest Control can take care of all of your Lake of the Ozarks pest control needs.  Here are a few of the annoying bugs that could give you extra trouble during these warm months.   Mosquitoes These annoying creatures start up in the Spring and don't go away until after the first freeze right before consistently cold weather. They especially love any type of standing water, so bird baths, over watered plants, and even pet's water dishes need to be changed regularly to help keep mosquitoes at bay.  Ants Ants hibernate all winter, so when they wake up in the Spring they are extremely hungr

5 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

The Summer weather makes people want to be out in their yard, but unfortunately, the mosquitoes want to be there too.   Best Pest Control knows a few tricks and tips that can help to keep these annoying bugs from spoiling your outdoor fun.   1.  Light citronella candles Mosquitioes hate the smell of citronella oil, making these candles a wonderfully effective way to keep them at bay.  A few placed strategically around your yard and picnic area should reduce the amount of mosquitoes nipping at you and your guests. 2. Use lavender oil The scent of lavender is another one that mosquitoes cannot stand, but most humans enjoy the fragrance.  Using a lavender essential oil in a body lotion or oil will make you smell good and help to repel the bugs. 3.  Grow plants that mosquitoes hate There are quite a few plants that can be grown around your yard or patio that naturally repel these pests.  A few of these are:  lemongrass, citronella, catnip, geraniums, marigolds, laven