Protect Your Home From Fleas With Best Pest Control!

Most pet owners know to protect their pets against fleas in the summer months. However, once summer ends, usually so do the preventive measures. In some areas, fall is the worst month for fleas. Because they are resilient parasites, they can survive some pretty brutal environments, meaning you may not be free of them even in winter! If you are finding fleas on your pet, make sure you call the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here are a few things you should know about fleas and proper flea control.

Even Healthy Pets Can Get Fleas
While a healthy diet is less attractive to fleas, it won't keep them away in heavily infested areas. It is important to make sure your yard is sprayed regularly by a pest control company and use flea repellent on your pets to make sure they don't bring them in from their walks.

Humans Can Get Fleas, Too!
While it is true that fleas live on pets, they can quickly jump off and find a new home in your carpets, bedding and furniture. All of these places make the perfect living conditions for fleas, eggs and larvae. If you find fleas in your home, take immediate action to eliminate them, as they can quickly spread to other areas.

Fleas Are Not Discriminating
Although a clean home is usually the trick for keeping out household pests, even the most spotless home is prone to a flea infestation. Fleas usually enter the house from pets, however, they are also known to take a ride on clothing and even jump into the house on their own. Hardwood floors are no protection either, as fleas can live in the cracks and around the edges of wood, laminate and even tile floors.

A Couple of Fleas Can Lead to an Infestation
More than 90 percent of a fleas population is in the egg, larval or pupal stage. All of these stages take place usually in the carpet, bedding, furniture or shady area in the yard where your pet likes to hang out. If you see a couple fleas, it's almost guaranteed that there are hundreds of eggs and immature stages in the environment.

Just Because They're Not on Your Pet, Doesn't Mean They're Gone!
Although getting fleas off your pet is one step in solving the problem, it doesn't resolve it. In addition to treating your pet, you should also treat your house and yard to fully solve the flea infestation. Having Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control company help you with treating your home and yard is the best solution after finding fleas.

Fleas Can Survive the Cold Months
Although you may not see them in cold climates, fleas can live quite comfortable in your home and on your pets during the cold season. If your pet or house had fleas in the summer, you're more likely to have fleas during the winter months as well. In some cases, fall is the worst time of the year for fleas. During autumn, there is an increase in precipitation and the temperatures stay around 70 degrees, which is the perfect conditions for fleas to thrive. Just because it is getting colder, it doesn't mean you should stop treating your pets from fleas.

Protect Your Home From Fleas With Best Pest Control!
Although we're working our way into winter, that doesn't mean that your home and pet are free from fleas. Luckily, the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help! Best Pest Control has got you protected from all pests infecting central Missouri, including fleas. If you need to make an appointment, contact us today at 573-348-1600.


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