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4 Indications of Termites in Your Home

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage every year to homes. Often you will not even be aware that they are present until they have spread to many different areas on your property and caused tons of damage. Call upon the best pest control company in the Lake of the Ozarks to help determine if your property is at risk. Best Pest Control has over 25 years of experience under our belts, and termite inspection and treatment is one of our specialties. It is wise to have a termite inspection done once a year as a preventative measure, but here are four signs that you need to get it taken care of right away.

You will generally see these winged termites in the Spring when the weather is warming up and often after it rains. This is when the young leave their nests and head out to mate and start colonies of their own. They are small and very similar to flying ants, but there are ways to tell them apart.

TERMITES: straight waist straight antennae wings are the same length sh…

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to You?

Have you ever spent a summer evening hanging outside with friends only to find yourself covered in itchy red mosquito bites and your friends saying they have none? You're not alone! It turns out that mosquitoes really are drawn to some people more than others. While scientists don't yet have a cure for mosquito bites other than not getting bit, they do have some ideas as to why some of us are getting eaten alive and others are untouched. Here are a few reasons as to why your summers may be spent constantly itching mosquito bites.

You're Pregnant

Unfortunately, those who probably want to get bit the least are the ones who attract mosquitoes the most. In several different studies, pregnant women have been found to attract mosquitoes twice as much as others. This is probably due to the fact that they exhale about 21 percent more carbon dioxide and on average are about 1.26 degrees warmer than others.

You Have The Right Blood Type

Just like you have favorite foods, mosquitoes al…

We Get Rid of Your Unwanted Pests FAST!

Best Pest Control, owned by Ryan & Katie Dauber since December 2015, has been serving Lake Ozark, Osage Beach, and Eldon,, Camdenton, Sunrise Beach and Laurie for 25 years and provides the best, honest and reliable services for our clients. Through the years, our goal has been to exceed the expectations of our clients. We are a team of highly motivated and professional technicians and staff dedicated to providing the BEST products and services. Check out the services we offer here:

Best Pest Control is your source for all things pests. We've got you protected from all pests infecting central Missouri. Serving the entire Lake of the Ozarks, Best Pest Control offers a full range of pest control, animal control, and weed control services.

Our Pest Control Services at Lake of the Ozarks
Do you have insects and pests crawling around your property that you'd like to get rid of or protect yourself from? Look no further because we have you covered. Our expert team is trained to &qu…

Keep Wasps Away with Best Pest Control

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which for many means outdoor celebrations and barbecues with the family. Many folks around the Lake consider this weekend the official kick off of the summer season. Unfortunately, with the nice weather, comes pesky wasps. Wasps swarming around your home is not something you want happening while enjoying the beautiful weather. Best Pest Control at the Lake of the Ozarks wants to help you enjoy your summer without any pests crashing the party. If you think wasps have made themselves at home, Best Pest Control has a few tips to help get rid of them and keep them away.

Do You Have A Wasp Infestation?

Seeing one or two wasps flying around your home could be unnerving, but how do you know when it's turned into an infestation? Locating the nest is the best way to figure out that these wasps have made themselves at home. These nests can be hidden or in plain sight. If the nest is hidden, you may notice the wasps flying in and out of a small opening in…

Get Your Home and Lawn Memorial Day Ready!

Memorial Day Weekend will be here before we know it. This is the perfect opportunity to visit your Lake of the Ozarks home, or if you live in the area full-time to invite guests to your home Lake home to celebrate. No matter what your plans involve, you want to make sure your home is ready for the upcoming festivities. Best Pest Control has a few tips to help you get your home ready for your Memorial Day Weekend plans.

Keep Lawn Maintained
During Memorial Day Weekend, you probably have plans to spend time enjoying your backyard space. Make sure it's a place you want to spend time in. Get the lawn mowed and trim back the trees and bushes. Pick up any leaves that may still be hanging around from the fall and weed eat the edges of your lawn. Not only will this make your lawn look beautiful, it will also keep the pest at bay.

Clean Up The Deck
If you're enjoying Memorial Day Weekend BBQing, you want to make sure your deck and patio area are ready to be used. Sweep up and clear any s…

3 Tips to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home this Spring

While spiders may not do as much damage as some pests like termites, we do not like seeing them in our homes. Especially when that spider is dangerous, such as brown recluses or black widows, whose bites can cause severe reactions. Spring is the time when most pests like to come out of their winter hiding and invade our homes. Best Pest Control wants to help you avoid running across a spider in your home this spring. Here are a few tips to help you keep spiders out of your home.

Prevent Spiders In Your Home

The best way to prevent spiders from getting into your home is to make sure you don't have an environment that attracts them. Spiders will most likely make their homes outside in plants, piles of leaves or wood or undisturbed places like old tires or buckets. When you have these items next to your home, it makes it easier for them to wander inside. If you have these items on your property, make sure to give them some distance between your home to make it less likely for the spid…

5 Flea and Tick Control Tips from Best Pest Control

We are already seeing fleas and ticks crawling around the Lake of the Ozarks this spring. During the summer months, fleas and ticks out in full force and are top of mind. We want to enjoy our outdoor spaces without the worry of getting bitten by one of these pests. To help you protect your yard and home, Best Pest Control offers a few tips for flea and tick control at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1. Keep The Yard Mowed
Eliminating fleas and ticks favorite hangout spots is the first step in making your property unappealing to them. This means getting rid of tall grass and brush, especially around the edge of the lawn. When doing yard work, ensure you clean up any clippings and leaves and put them in a yard waste receptacle. Simple landscaping can help not only make your yard look better, but also help reduce hiding spot for fleas and ticks.

2. Discourage Wildlife
Opossums, raccoons and feral cats can bring fleas and ticks into your yard. Don't invite these critters into your yard by leavi…

Keep Rascally Rabbits from Ruining Your Yard

With Easter behind us, we hope that you had a pleasant visit from the Easter Bunny and enjoyed celebrating the holiday with family and friends. Now, if that fuzzy lovable Easter Bunny brought some uninvited friends with him, you may be noticing some lawn damage that you didn't ask for. While rabbits are adorable and typically good-natured, wild rabbits do have a few bad habits that can cause chaos to your lawn. Take a look at some of the ways rabbits can damage your yard.

How Rabbits Can Ruin Your Yard The damage they can create can lead to big problems for yards and even shrubs. They not only chew grass down to the root, but the concentration of urine frequently creates brown and dying areas, making it harder for the grass to recover. When grass is dormant in winter, there is no chance for a recovery – meaning the rabbits’ feeding and excretions can kill areas of the lawn. Once this damage starts it tends to progress because rabbits like to feed in the same areas, and will even le…

Let Best Pest Control Get Your Lawn In Shape this Spring

Maintaining your lawn and garden will soon become a full-time job to keep it healthy and looking lush. At Best Pest Control, we do more than tackle those unwanted pests around your home and yard. We can also take care of your lawn service at the Lake of the Ozarks. From performing a lawn evaluation and setting up a proper treatment schedule to preventative pest control, we can do it all.

If you have pests causing problems to your yard, it should be relatively easy to identify. A pest infestation usually affects a widespread area and will be visible on the surface or if you roll back a little bit of the grass. Animals such as skunks, raccoons, birds, and moles start digging up the turf to feed on grubs beneath the surface. 
Moles can create quite a mess, leaving their tunnels all over your yard. You know you have a mole problem if you discover visible trenches and dug-up soil in your yard. Some molehills can be substantial enough to damage lawn mower blades and housings.

Spring Cleaning To-Do's to Prevent Pests

Spring is finally here, which means that pests are starting to wake up and are making their appearance. If you're beginning to make that spring cleaning checklist, you can avoid a pest infestation in your home by adding a few things to your to-do list. With the help of the best pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks, you can maintain a healthy living environment and ward off pests this spring. Best Pest Control has put together a quick room-by-room guide of things you can do to avoid a pest infestation this spring.

Outdoor Space
With the nice temperatures, you'll be spending more time outdoors this spring. So, a great place to start to avoid a pest infestation is the outside of your home. During the spring, it’s important to examine your outdoor living space. Look for any damage done over the winter months. Rotted wood and shingles can attract termites and other insects. Clean out clogged gutters and downspouts before April rain showers. You may also need to repair ripped s…

Beware of Ticks this Spring & Summer!

With the weather warming up, we're beginning to see creepy crawlies making their way back into our lives. One specific pest we've already seen this spring are ticks! Yep. They're already making their way into our homes by way of our pets. If this early arrival is any indication of what's to come for the summer months ahead, we're in for a tick-ridden year. So, keep your eyes peeled, check your pets often and thoroughly, and don't forget to have your yard and home treated by Best Pest Control!

Tick-borne Diseases
Ticks can be infected with bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Tick-borne pathogens can be passed to humans and pets by the bite of infected ticks. Some of the most common tick-borne diseases in the United States include: Lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, anaplasmosis, Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness, Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever, and tularemia. Other tick-borne diseases in the United States include: Colorado tick fev…

Let Best Pest Control Help You Get Your Home & Lawn Ready for Spring!

Spring is finally here and there's much to be done to prevent those pesky pests from taking over your lawn and home. Our expert team is trained to "get rid" of any pests crawling around your property. We have a defense against all the pests that affect central Missouri so you do not have to worry. However, in addition to pest control, we also offer many other services at the Lake of the Ozarks. From pest and animal control to lawn and home maintenance, Best Pest Control can help you with everything you need to get ready for spring and summer. 

Pest Control Services
Spring is just around the corner, which means that insects will be out and about more often again. Make sure your home is protected by having regular pest control treatments inside and around your home. In addition to pest control for your home, Best Pest Control can also spray your dock so you won't have to worry about spiders or other pests also enjoying your boat this summer. 
Spider Control for Home &am…