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5 Gutter Cleaning Tips

Best Pest Control at Lake of the Ozarks does so much more than get rid of bugs! We also offer gutter cleaning and repair! A home with gutter damage can often lead to much larger problems if the gutters aren't fixed swiftly. Water that would normally drain through the gutter system simply flows down the house and sits against the foundation and dirt, creating some serious problems. At the best gutter repair company at Lake of the Ozarks, we can prevent that from happening! Check out some tips we've put together to show you what it takes to properly clean the gutters around your home.

Tip 1: Use A Proper Ladder
Ladders are an excellent tool to have around the house, but the more compact they get, the less stable and safe they become. Companies that clean gutters often have ladders that not only extend, but also have "horns", special legs on the top to extend out and give the ladder more stability. These horns also help keep the ladder off of the guttering and prevent ad…

Where are Cockroaches Hiding in Your Home?

Cockroaches are notorious for sneaking up on unsuspecting homeowners and giving a good fright. Best Pest Control knows that it’s awful to see one cockroach in your house, but the thought that there could be, and there probably is, more is more frightening. The best pest control at the Lake of the Ozarks has listed some of the most common hiding places in your home where cockroaches may be taking shelter.

Your Cabinets
If you think that cockroaches can’t penetrate cabinets, you are wrong. They can easily sneak into cabinets and even your pantry to feast on any food or crumbs they find. It’s important to regularly clean your pantry and cabinets in order to make them less attractive for cockroaches and other pesky critters. You could also store food items like pasta and pet food in plastic, air-tight containers. This will deter bugs from getting into your food items.

Your Computer
This may be a weird hiding spot, but if you’ve ever eaten while on your computer, there’s a good chance that c…

Where Are Spiders Hiding in YOUR Home?

No one likes to be surprised by a spider. These tiny, silent creatures can easily sneak up on you with no warning. Spider control is a specialty of ours, and Best Pest Control at the Lake of the Ozarks can make sure that you have as few of these little guys as possible around your home, but it always helps to know where to look for these pests.

Spiders mainly love quiet, dark spots that do not get disturbed very often. They will do their best to stay under your radar so that they can spin their webs and keep from getting smashed. There are hiding spots for spiders that you can check occasionally. If you keep an eye on these spots, you just may be able to avoid a surprise attack.

Under Furniture
Furniture that doesn't get moved often, like beds and couches, are perfect spots for spiders to hide. It's dark under there and only disturbed when something accidentally rolls under. If you are not able to move the furniture to vacuum underneath easily, at least swipe the vacuum …

Protect Against Fleas Even in the Winter Months!

During the summer months, many pet owners know to protect against fleas. However, once summer ends, usually so do the preventive measures. In some areas, fall is the worst month for fleas. Because they are resilient parasites, they can survive some pretty brutal environments, meaning you may not be free of them even in winter! If you are finding fleas on your pet, make sure you call the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here are a few things you should know about fleas and proper flea control.

Even Healthy Pets Can Get Fleas
While a healthy diet is less attractive to fleas, it won't keep them away in heavily infested areas. It is important to make sure your yard is sprayed regularly by a pest control company and use flea repellent on your pets to make sure they don't bring them in from their walks.

Humans Can Get Fleas, Too!
While it is true that fleas live on pets, they can quickly jump off and find a new home in your carpets, bedding and furniture. All of th…

Best Pest Control is Solving Your Pest Problems!

At the Lake of the Ozark's Best Pest Control, we're often called after a pest problem has been discovered. Controlling the pest population and removing them is an important service. Pests just wouldn't be pests if they didn't cause alarm, pose a threat, or just scare people. Luckily, the best company for animal control at Lake of the Ozarks is a subject-matter expert when it comes to preventing things like rodents and bugs from entering your home. Let's see what makes pest control so important!

Bed Bug EpidemicEveryone's heard of the cute saying 'Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite'. Unfortunately, it's a real issue that can go unnoticed until it becomes a huge problem. When they bite, bed bugs leave rashes and welts that itch and burn, but that's not all: they can also transfer wherever you visit without you even knowing, causing a real bed bug epidemic. An infestation can be almost impossible to treat if you don't know what you'…

Proper Fall Lawn Care to Avoid Pests

Although the fall leaves may be beautiful to look at, leaf piles that are left unattended could be home to various pests. The Lake of the Ozarks typically experiences a fluctuation in fall temperatures. This means that pests that should be in dormancy could still be active, and taking shelter within piles of leaves. Your Lake of the Ozarks pest control company takes a look into the importance of proper fall lawn care and how to avoid pests in your yard. 

Fall Lawn Care Maintenance
Proper fall lawn care maintenance is important for the health of your yard. A few leaves (about 10-20% coverage) won't do much damage to your lawn. However, an excessive amount of leaves on your lawn going into the winter season can be bad for several reasons. First, sun rays may not be able to reach the grass, which could hinder the growth in the spring. Second, it could trap in moisture, which could result in mold and fungus. Finally, leaves make the perfect habitat for pests. 
What Do Leaves Attract?

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

With all the traveling you'll be doing and all of the visitors you'll be hosting for the holidays, you run the risk of unknowingly hosting an unwanted guest: bed bugs.Too often these insects remain hidden, leaving you and your family at risk. Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control companyis ready to treat your bed bug problem, but how can you tell if you have an issue? Best Pest Controlhas put together this list of things to help you determine if you have a bed bug problem.

How to Check for Bed BugsBed bug bites are often misattributed to fleas, spiders and mosquitoes. The best way to check for bed bugs is to examine your bed and furniture. You'll want to look for small specks of blood, especially near seams and crevices. Bed bugs use pheromones to communicate with each other. Therefore, if you can smell a sweet and musty odor, you may have an infestation. 

Identifying the Bite Bedbugs and fleas leave similar bites, but there's one main difference.  Fleas bite in rando…

What Kind of Winter Will We Have?

Around this time of the year, we often hear people predicting how bad of a winter we can expect to have. Many times this prediction is often accompanied by a way of telling how they know, whether that way is through insects, seeds or animals. How can they predict our winter forecast? Best Pest Control has gathered up five old wives tales that are supposed to be true indicators of what kind of winter we'll have! 

1. Ladybugs / Ladybird BeetlesLadybugs are found all throughout the United States and are susceptible to seasonal weather. Because they are cold-blooded, they tend to swarm when the weather starts to get colder. You know winter is just around the corner when the ladybugs begin their search for hibernation. They prefer warmer places, typically your home, to spend their winter months. 

2. Persimmon SeedsThis may be one of the more common ways of predicting the winter in Missouri. According to folklore, once you cut open a persimmon seed the shape of the kernel inside will refl…

Watch Out for these Spooky Critters this Halloween!

We are just a few days away from Halloween and that means things are about to get spooky. While it’s normal to see spiders, bats, and other creepy crawlers on your front doorstep on Halloween, they are usually in the form of spooky d├ęcor or trick-or-treaters. Best Pest Control wants homeowners to know that they should also be on the lookout for real-life pests this fall. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks has some creepy critters that can give homeowners a scare this Halloween. Check out this guide to some common household critters and a few tips to help keep them from turning your home into a haunted house.

Scurrying Rats
Rats are one of the most reviled pests, due in part to their creepy appearance. They are primarily nocturnal and can be found nesting in places from piles of garbage to dark areas of a basement. Rats can fit through an opening the size of a quarter, so it’s easy for them to gain entry into your home. Once they are inside, they can spread disease…

It's National Rodent Awareness Week!

Hey all! Did you know that October 21 - 27 is National Rodent Awareness Week? The purpose of this week is to raise awareness to homeowners of the health and property risks associated with rodents. As a Lake of the Ozarks pest control company, our job is to keep your home protected from unwanted guests like rodents. If rodents get into your home, it is important to have a professional to get rid of them quickly. From chewing electrical wires to causing structural damage, they can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Best Pest Control offers ways you can tell if you have rodents in your home and how to stop them.

Signs Of Rodent Infestation

Mice and rats can sometimes be difficult to find. However, it is important to know the signs of an infestation, as a couple mice can turn into a dozen quickly. Check out these warning signs of a rodent infestation:

Rodent dropping around food, in drawers or cupboards and under the sink.If you find nesting materials, such as shredded paper, f…

Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Bandit-masked raccoons are a familiar sight just about everywhere, because they will eat just about anything. These ubiquitous mammals are found in forests, marshes, prairies, and even in cities. They are adaptable and use their dexterous front paws and long fingers to find and feast on a wide variety of fare. While these furry creatures can be a nuisance to homeowners, there is so much more to this bushy-tailed mammal. Best Pest Control is here to give you some interesting facts about the raccoon.

What Do Raccoons Eat?
Raccoons are omnivorous, so they eat animals, insects, and vegetation. Oftentimes, raccoons choose to live near riverbeds or in marshes so they can eat fish, snails, crawfish, and frogs. Raccoons will also raid gardens, eat your pet's food, steal bird eggs, and rummage through the trash.

Raccoons Can Get Fairly Large
Most adult raccoons average about 18 to 28 inches in length and can weigh anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds. Male raccoons tend to be larger than females. T…

Termites? We've Got You Covered!

You and your family will be closing in two weeks on your dream home and can't wait to start making new memories. Visually, the home is perfect - the roof is sound, all the appliances are in working order, but the inspection report indicates a termite infestation...

If not remedied properly, termites can be as as damaging to homes as floods and tornadoes. This does not mean you should break your contract on that dream house though. Once termite infestation or damage is revealed, your first plan of action should be to contact a professional pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks. There are solutions to rid the home of these unwanted pests. Treatment and repair can then be negotiated with the seller.

Signs to Look For
Termites are not always obvious to the naked eye. There are some clues of infestation that buyers can look for: a swarm of winged insects or "swarmers", discarded wings, cracked or bubbling paint and wood that sounds hollow when tapped. The signs may be sim…