Where Are Spiders Hiding in YOUR Home?

No one likes to be surprised by a spider. These tiny, silent creatures can easily sneak up on you with no warning. Spider control is a specialty of ours, and Best Pest Control at the Lake of the Ozarks can make sure that you have as few of these little guys as possible around your home, but it always helps to know where to look for these pests.

Spiders mainly love quiet, dark spots that do not get disturbed very often. They will do their best to stay under your radar so that they can spin their webs and keep from getting smashed. There are hiding spots for spiders that you can check occasionally. If you keep an eye on these spots, you just may be able to avoid a surprise attack.

Under Furniture
Furniture that doesn't get moved often, like beds and couches, are perfect spots for spiders to hide. It's dark under there and only disturbed when something accidentally rolls under. If you are not able to move the furniture to vacuum underneath easily, at least swipe the vacuum attachment under there occasionally to pick up any stragglers.

Under the Sink
Spiders need water to live, so under the sink is a wonderful place for them. You may add or remove items under your sink occasionally, but people rarely move things around a lot under there. Fix any leaks right away, because the more water, the more likely it will attract spiders.

Lots of stuff piled together makes for lots of good hiding places for tiny creatures. This is especially the case for clutter in areas of your home that are not used often, like closets and spare rooms. Try to put everything away in its proper place when you are done with it. If the clutter never accumulates, then the spiders can't hide there.

Garages and Sheds
Spiders really love these places. Not only are they usually cluttered with all of the stuff that you are storing, but the doors are often left open to the outside. This makes it simple for them to scurry in and out when they feel like it.

So take a peek into these spots every once in a while. If you can keep these areas clear, then you are much less likely to be surprised by a spider when you least expect it. Best Pest Control at the Lake of the Ozarks can take a look at your property and let you know what needs to be done. Call for a free estimate and to find out what we can do to make sure that these uninvited guests are as unwelcome as possible.


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