5 Signs of a Rodent Infestation

While cold temperatures help keep bugs from invading, your warm home serves as a beacon for warm-blooded pests like mice! The best pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks knows the dangers of an unchecked rodent population can be disastrous for you as a homeowner. That's why we've put together this list of 5 things to check to make sure you don't have a rodent infestation this winter.

1. Cracks and Chips in your Home's Exterior are an Open Door for Rodents.
Did you know mice can fit through cracks as small as a pencil? Seal up any open crevices in the side paneling or foundation around your home. Not only does it help seal in the heat and better insulate your home, but it prevents small rodents from having an easy entrance as well.

2. Does Your Food Storage Look Damaged?
A kitchen is an optimal place for rodents because it has an abundance of food. If anything is left out overnight or bags of food are left unsealed in the pantry/cabinets, you can bet a mouse will find it's way into it. Look for small chew marks on the edges of cardboard boxes or holes left in sacks of grains.

3. Look for Gnaw Marks on the Baseboard, Furniture and Doors.
Rodent teeth grow at an alarming rate. To combat this, rodents gnaw on everything they can: furniture, house wiring, and more. If this chewing goes unnoticed, it can lead to damaged furniture and increase the chances for a house fire or electrical failure.

4. Do Your Walls Squeak?
This is a tell-tale sign that a mouse population is already within your home. Even if you don't hear anything, but your dog or cat is paying close attention to an empty wall, mice could still be inside! At this point, the best thing you can do to gain control of the problem is call Best Pest Control.

5. Check for Droppings along the Walls and in Dark Corners.
Finding small grain sized droppings in dark corners, along the edges of your home, or in the pantry is a sign of an active infestation. These droppings can transmit diseases and food eaten from contaminated areas can cause other serious illness as well. Call your local extermination company to prevent this situation from getting out of hand!

Best Pest Control is your #1 Choice in Rodent Elimination.
While the winter is great for alleviating warm weather insects, it can easily drive other pests indoors. Rodents can/will invade a warm home if they can find a way in. Call the Lake of the Ozarks' most trusted pest control company for a free estimate on eliminating your rodent problem.


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