3 Reasons to Rake those Leaves!

The leaves have begun their change and started falling all over the place. What a beautiful sight it is! Soon all the trees will be bare as they enter a dormant state for the winter. So, what will you do now with all of these fallen leaves? Some may say 'just leave them lay and let nature take its course'. In the woods, that's fine. But in your yard and around your home, that's not the best answer. Here's why you should get those leaves removed.

1. Let Your Lawn Breathe
Allowing a thick layer of leaves to lay on your lawn won't necessarily harm your lawn... unless you add the weight of a good snow or ice that's bound to come this winter. A thick layer of fallen leaves matted down can get in the way of the growth of grass. If not raked up in time, a thick or matted layer of fallen leaves can cast too much shade over the grass below, and prevent your lawn from getting the sunlight and healthy nutrients it needs to thrive in the spring. Instead, you'll end up dealing with a fungus filled and potentially diseased lawn covered in snow mold and brown patches.

2. Prep Your Lawn for Spring
Many believe that leaving the leaves on your lawn actually benefits your yard because it acts as a sort of composition. To an extent this is true. But leaving full leaves laying around will not be beneficial, as they can suffocate your lawn. Instead, rake those leaves into piles and run your mower over them to shred them. Shredded leaves decompose much faster, and can be used to create your own DIY compost to put around trees and bushes as an alternative to mulch.

3. Avoid Unwanted Pests
By not removing your leaves, you're creating the perfect housing haven for all sorts of pests just looking for a nice warm place to hide out for the winter. Those leaves act as a kind of barrier from the weather and winter elements they're trying to get away from. And if you haven't raked the leaves away from your home, this provides the perfect covered avenue for them to make their way right into your home. Keep the leaves raked away from your home's foundation to avoid insects, rodents and other unwanted pests from peeking their little heads up in your home!

Call Best Pest Control Today!
Raking and quickly bagging up leaves can be a form of pest control for your yard. The key is to clean up your yard quickly. When cleaning up leaf piles that have been sitting out for more than a day, you should wear gloves and use caution. Bugs and other pests may have set up camp in there. If you need help with pests in or around your home, the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help. Best Pest Control technicians are trained to tackle all sorts of pest problems. To learn more about our services, visit our website or call us at 573-348-1600.


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