7 Pest Preventive Herbs to Add to Your Garden

It won't be much longer before we'll be digging our hands into gardening. Getting a game plan in order before the warmer weather officially hits is a great idea! But keep in mind that while you're getting a head start, spring pests can get a head start too! Fortunately, there are a few herbs and spices you can grow in your garden that naturally ward off bugs and other critters. While these may not be as powerful as calling in Missouri's best pest control company, they can certainly help keep a small problem from growing into a larger one. Here are 7 herbs you should consider including in your garden to keep those pests at bay!

1. Basil

Basil is great for repelling house flies and mosquitoes. This leafy green is great for small gardens or in pots around the house. Pick the leaves as needed for delicious soups or dry them out and make your own spice for the kitchen.

2. Mint

Mint is a fantastic plant to grow in a small window garden! Grow it alone, as it grows aggressively and tends to take over its surrounding area. Extract oils from the roots, stems, and leaves and combine with apple cider vinegar and vodka for a fresh mosquito repellent (It really works!).

3. Lavender

Lavender repels moths, fleas, and mosquitoes. It has the added effect of making your house or garden smell fantastic to humans while smelling awful to insects. If you extract the oils from the flowers, you can use this as a topical rub to take on the go as a repellent. Lavender can also be used to make an incredible homemade lemonade.

4. Lemongrass

Citronella oil, used to repel mosquitoes and make campfires smell fantastic, is one of the main components of lemongrass. This ornamental plant can grow up to 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so maintenance is a must. Cutting this plant will release the citronella and keep the little biters away. Lemongrass also makes for a great garnish in soups and salads.

5. Dill

Dill grown in a garden is a natural repellent for aphids, squash bugs, spider mites, cabbage loopers, and tomato hornworms. It's also great for pickling cucumbers and garnishing for chicken.

6. Thyme

Thyme repels whiteflies, cabbage loopers, cabbage fly larvae, corn earworms, and tomato hornworms. It's perfect for the gardener who's growing a little bit of everything, or a farmer who needs a herb to ward pests away from their crop.

7. Rosemary

One of the best natural repellents in a garden, rosemary repels several varieties of insects. It is best grown in a landscaped bed or a small pot. Once ready, harvest the stems and leaves, spreading them around your crop or main garden for an effective repellent.

Add Extra Protection with Best Pest Control!

Grow some of these herbs around your home or in your garden and the pests should stay away. If these herbs don't work as well as you'd like, Best Pest Control is your answer for extra pest prevention! We use an organic and safe pesticide solution that won't harm your plants, but WILL eliminate your pest problem. Contact the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks today to get a free estimate on what we can do for you and your garden.


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