5 Lawn Care Tips to Prep Your Yard for Springtime

Spring is just around the corner, so while you're thinking about your spring cleaning checklist, it's also time to start thinking about getting your lawn ready for the season. Winter weather can be tough on your lawn. Grass, shrubs and trees are weak after months of lying dormant. If you want your lawn and trees to come back fuller and lusher than before, Best Pest Control can help. Here are a few simple tips to help get your lawn ready for the summer months.

1. Remove Accumulated Debris
The first step in getting your lawn ready for spring is to do some cleaning. Clear away any leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered over the winter months. Not only can the debris get stuck in your lawn mower, it can also block fertilizers and other materials from being properly absorbed by the lawn. Plus, it can create a breeding ground for pests.

2. Apply Pre-Emergent, Weed Killer & Fertilizer
Applying a pre-emergent in the early spring is very important. It's best to apply it prior to temperatures reaching 55-60 degrees. Afterward, the weed seeds will have begun to germinate and the pre-emergent will no longer be effective. Once crabgrass has germinated, it's very difficult to get rid of. When you fertilize in the spring, it can jump start your lawn from its winter slumber. It provides a nutrient build up that will give it the strength to withstand heat stress through the summer months.

3. Don't Skip Aeration
Core aeration is a great thing to do to your lawn in the spring. It's important because it allows water and air to reach the root zone faster. It also results in new growth and increases root development. In the spring, it's important to core aerate before the soil temperatures reach 55-60 degrees. After this point, the voids created in the lawn will only be an invitation to aggressive weed seeds.

4. Mow Early & Often
Many homeowners only mow once a week during the spring. However, if you let the grass grow too high and then cut it, it could stunt the roots so they can't reproduce properly. Instead, mow every five days for the first six weeks of spring, depending on the weather, to ensure a thicker, fuller lawn.

5. Trim The Trees
It's hard to tell if a tree has dead branches unless you get up into it. If dead branches are left untended, they can fall, which could cause property damage and potential injury. It's best to trim the trees before the leaves come out, as it's easier to see the condition of the branches.

Spring is just around the corner, so it's time to start preparing your lawn for the upcoming warm weather. In addition to pest control, we also offer lawn care services at the Lake of the OzarksBest Pest Control offers lawn treatments, leaf blowing & removal, weed spraying and animal trapping to remove those pesky destructive rodents and more. If you want to spend your time enjoying the beautiful weather instead of doing lawn maintenance, call Best Pest Control at 573-348-1600 to schedule your appointment.


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