Addressing Your Flea Infestation

Fleas are a major problem this time of  year, and are one of the many pests that warrant immediate action if found in the home setting. These pesky hitch hikers can be carried in on your clothes, in a pet's fur, or in extreme cases, in the fur of other pests! The most trusted pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks has put together some tips that should help you not only contain the flea problem but eliminate them as well. Remember, the easiest solution to fleas is to call Best Pest Control!

Wash and Wipe Down Everything in the Affected Area
Fleas are resilient, they can linger in areas for long periods of time, waiting for the right moment to jump on you for a meal. Wiping down hard surfaces and treating the infested area with proper treatment is a crucial step in removing the bugs from your home. Wash all the fabrics and family pets to eradicate any fleas or their eggs as well.

Keep Your Pets Clean
If you have dogs, cats or any other animal with fur, make sure you keep them clean. It is also a good idea to wash their bedding and toys regularly. If you are fighting the fleas, do not forget to include their bedding and toys in the treatment, as fleas may have infested their items as well.

Treat the Environment AND Your Pets
If your pet is the one that brought the fleas inside, make sure you treat the environment first before treating them. You need to treat your home first in order to get rid of eggs, larvae and grown fleas that might infest later on and then treat your pet to prevent new fleas in your home. During the time of treatment, you should remove your pets from your home, and treat your pets before allowing them to reenter your home to avoid re-infestation.

Find the Source of the Infestation
If you treat fleas yourself, don't assume the problem is gone. In order to effectively get rid of fleas, you need to know the source of their entry. You may know that they are coming in from your dog. However, the problem may be from your yard. This is why it is important not to assume the problem is gone just because you treated your home.

Fight Back With Best Pest Control
professional pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks can effectively get rid of fleas from your home and yard. Fleas are difficult to treat yourself, as they are tiny and hard to see. If you do not get rid of all eggs, larvae and grown fleas, they may possibly come back, which would require another round of treatment. If you hire a trusted Lake of the Ozarks pest control company, they will make sure to get rid of fleas and prevent them from coming back.

Remember, the best and easiest way to treat them and make sure they don't come back is by calling Best Pest Control. Make sure your home and yard are protected from pests like fleas by calling a Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control company. If you have a flea infestation, call us today at 573-348-1600.


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