Don't Let Flies Ruin Your Summer!

Backyard barbeques, swimming, and family fun outdoors... that could only mean one thing. Summer is here and so are the flies. If you've noticed an increase in the number of flies inside your home after the busy holiday weekend, it's probably due to the doors being left open, all that enticing food sitting out on your countertops, and the cool air conditioning welcoming those pesky pests.

You're probably more than ready for some relief from those buzzing nuisances. Although house flies are mostly harmless, they are very annoying. They are dirty pests and could even make you sick and can sometimes even bite your pets. Don't let flies ruin your summer fun! Best Pest Control has some tips to help you fight back.

Clean Counter Surfaces Well
To avoid flies, it's best to clean every surface with disinfectant. It's especially important to regularly clean the areas where you eat or cook like the kitchen or table. Bleach base or chlorine base cleaners are the best options.

Dispose of Trash Regularly
Garbage cans are a fly's favorite breeding ground, so to avoid having flies in or around your home, regularly dispose of indoor waste and ensure the outside receptacle's lid is tightly sealed.

Always Cover Food 
Leaving food out and unexposed is like inviting a fly to a buffet. Always keep food covered, especially if it's left out. It's best to put away food right away in a tight sealing container. If you are having a party this summer where food will be left out, it's best to keep items covered with plastic wrap to ensure flies to not invite themselves over.

Maintain Indoor Plants Properly
If you have indoor plants, try not to over water them. In addition, make sure to prune them well and dispose of any dead plant matter.

Fix and Repair Window Screens
The best way to ensure flies don't come into your home is by sealing up entrances. If your window screen has a tear or is in bad shape, flies could get through. By fixing the window screen, you can still enjoy the cool breeze, while still keeping the flies out.

Pick Up After Pets

If you have pets, make sure their waste is picked up immediately. Just like with trash, flies are attracted to your pet's waste. In addition, you can help control flies by giving them a bath regularly and by wiping off their paws when they come back inside.

Remove Standing Water 
Flies are attracted to standing water. If you have a birdbath, make sure the water is clean and changed out often. If you have anything around the house that could collect water, such as buckets, empty flower pots, tires or lids, make sure they are emptied after storms or they are kept on their sides to avoid water from being collected.

If you are fed up with flies around your home and nothing seems to help, call Best Pest Control at 573-348-1600. Best Pest Control offers a full range of services from lawn care to pest control services at the Lake of the Ozarks. Don't spend your summer fighting pests or taking care of the lawn. Let us help so you can enjoy your summer!


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