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With spring officially here, maintaining your lawn and garden will soon become a full-time job to keep it healthy and looking lush. At Best Pest Control, we do more than tackle those unwanted pests around your home and yard. We can also take care of your lawn service at the Lake of the Ozarks. From performing a lawn evaluation and setting up a proper treatment schedule to preventative pest control, we can do it all. Here are some issues that the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks can take care of:

If you have pests causing problems to your yard, it should be relatively easy to identify. A pest infestation usually affects a widespread area and will be visible on the surface or if you roll back a little bit of the grass. Animals such as skunks, raccoons, birds, and moles start digging up the turf to feed on grubs beneath the surface.

Moles can create quite a mess, leaving their tunnels all over your yard. You know you have a mole problem if you discover visible trenches and dug-up soil in your yard. Some molehills can be substantial enough to damage lawn mower blades and housings.

Weeds are one of the most common problems in lawns. Not only do they look bad, they compete with grass for water, nutrients, space, and light. They will flourish in shortly-cut grass. One way to keep them at bay is to mow your grass higher. Unfortunately, not all weeding tactics work against all types of weeds. Applying a pre-emergent weed control will help prevent them from coming up in the first place.

Although not quite a weed, moss can become quite a nuisance in your yard. Moss cannot kill your grass, but can creep into your lawn if it has already started to die. If you start to see moss taking residence in your yard, this is a good indicator that something deeper is wrong with your lawn. It is just taking advantage of the empty dirt and dead grass left behind.

Lawn Disease
If your lawn develops a disease, it can be difficult to identify what is causing the problem. It would actually require the use of a microscope to see the fungus, bacteria, or virus that is responsible. However, on the surface you may notice irregular patches of browning grass. Another sign is generalized thinning and browning in various parts of the lawn. One common lawn fungus you may notice is mushrooms coming up through your yard.

Best Pest Control Can Help with Your Lawn Care Needs
Best Pest Control is the most trusted Lake of the Ozarks pest control company and we offer weed control, lawn spraying, and live trapping services as well. We realize even the most seasoned landscapers can end up with problems that affect their lawns. Our lawn company at the Lake of the Ozarks can pinpoint the problem. Leave it to Best Pest Control to find a treatment that rids your lawn of unwanted pests, weeds, and disease!


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