Keep Spiders Out this Spring

No one really wants to see a spider in their house, especially when that spider is dangerous. Those dangerous spiders include a brown recluse or a black widow, whose bites can cause severe reactions. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows that spring is the time when most pests, especially spiders, like to come out of their winter hiding spots and invade our homes. Avoid running across a spider or multiple spiders in your home this spring. Here are a few tips to help you keep spiders from taking over your home.

Prevent Spiders In Your Home

The best way to prevent spiders from getting into your home is to make sure you don't have an environment that attracts them. Spiders will most likely make their homes outside in plants, piles of leaves or wood or undisturbed places like old tires or buckets. When you have these items next to your home, it makes it easier for them to wander inside. If you have these items on your property, make sure to give them some distance between your home to make it less likely for the spider to find its way inside.

It’s also a good idea to identify and seal any possible points of entry to keep spiders out. This could involve sealing a small hole or crack with caulk and making sure doors and windows close tightly without any gaps. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you identify any points of entry.

Get Rid Of Food Source & Shelter

Making sure you keep your home clean is generally a good way to decrease the number of pests in your home. In the case of spiders, not only will a clean home provide fewer places for the spiders to hide, but it will also make it less likely that insects will be around for spiders to eat. Without a reliable food source and fewer hiding spots, it will be harder for spiders to stay. Many web-building spiders will make their home high up in the corners. Take a look around your home and clean up any webs you spot with a vacuum cleaner or extending duster.

Call the Best Pest Control Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

Sometimes, it's best to just call the professionals, especially when dealing with brown recluses and black widows. If your home is infested with spiders, don't hesitate to call the best pest control company at the Lake of the OzarksBest Pest Control can help get rid of spiders and make sure they don't come back by helping you identify points of entry and if necessary, placing traps around your home. We will work hard to help you solve your spider issue so you can rest peacefully knowing you're not sharing your home with any unwanted pests.

Best Pest Control Can Help Keep Your Home Spider Free

No one likes to see a spider hanging out in their home. These pests can easily sneak up on you with no warning, so make sure you keep them out with our spider control services at the Lake of the Ozarks. Best Pest Control can help make sure that your home is pest free all year long. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more! 


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