10 Facts and 5 Treatment Tips for Fleas

As a pet owner, you've probably run into your fair share of common pet-related incidences, such as having to give multiple baths in a single day, picking up destroyed items throughout your home during those relentless teething stages, or even finding an accidental surprise when your furry friend couldn't wait any longer for a bathroom break. Another very common thing pet owners deal with every year is the ever-dreaded flea and tick epidemic that takes place when the weather begins warming up again.

Facts about Fleas
Fleas are the most prevalent parasite found on our furry pets, meaning we'll likely find them on us or in our homes at some point in time. While we know where to find them, and their primary food source, and that they're inevitably bound to make an appearance at some point throughout the summer months, it's not something we look forward to. Here are 10 facts you should know about fleas to help you better understand their life cycle and how and why to get rid of them:
  1. Fleas are parasites that feed on blood.
  2. Fleas can live on any warm-blooded animal, but seem to prefer to live on humans, cats, dogs, opossums, rats and other rodents. 
  3. They can also be found on shoes, pant legs, or blankets.
  4. Fleas are best known for spreading the Bubonic Plague. 
  5. They also transmit the bacterial disease murine typhus to humans through infected rats. 
  6. Their saliva is an allergen that can cause allergic reactions in pets and humans. 
  7. Fleas can also transfer tapeworms and cause anemia in pets.
  8. Fleas can jump as high as 8” vertically, which is 150 times their own height.
  9. Fleas can remain frozen for a year and survive.
  10. There are an estimated 2000 different species of fleas. However, the most common species is the cat flea, which often feasts on cats, dogs and humans.
Preventive Care
The best way to avoid a flea infestation is to use preventive measures to keep them away. Here are a few simple things you can do to prevent an infestation in your home.
  • Treat all dogs and cats in your home, using appropriate treatments recommend by your vet.
  • Frequently vacuum the areas your dog frequents, especially carpeted areas in your home, any furniture that is frequented by your dog, and your car.
  • Regularly wash your pet’s bedding, blanket and other washable items in the hottest water possible. 
  • Keep your yard neat. Mow your lawn and rake up any leaves, brush or clippings. 
  • Periodically hang door mats, rugs and other non-washable items in direct sunlight.

Protect Your Home From Fleas With Best Pest Control!
If you've noticed your sweet little fur babies itching and scratching, it's a good idea to check them over. If you notice fleas, its time to talk to your vet and start making plans for treatment of your pet and your home. Luckily, the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help! Best Pest Control has got you protected from all pests infecting central Missouri, including fleas. If you need to make an appointment, contact us today at 573-348-1600.


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