Fun Facts About Beetles Common to Lake Of the Ozarks

It's summer here at the Lake of the Ozarks, which means that pesky bugs are all over the place. One of the most common pests we see here at the Lake is beetles. From June bugs to Japanese Beetles, they come in all shapes and sizes and they are everywhere. Best Pest Control took a look at some fun facts about these pests we'll be seeing all summer long.

Beetles are the largest group of living organisms. 
One out of every four animals on earth is a beetle. When you add in plants, one out every five known organisms is a beetle. Scientists have found over 350,000 species of beetles and there are still more to be discovered! Some scientists estimate that there may be as many as 3 million beetle species living on the planet. The order Coleoptera (the insect order the beetles are in) is the largest order in the entire animal kingdom.

Beetles are EVERYWHERE! 
You can find beetles almost anywhere on the planet from the North Pole to the South Pole. From the deserts to the beaches and from the mountaintops to the grasslands, you bet you'll be able to spot a beetle. You can even find beetles of some of the world's most remote islands.

Beetles protect themselves with body armor. 
Their hardened forewings are one trait that makes beetles easy to recognize. This features actually serves as armor to protect the more delicate flight wings and their soft abdomen underneath. The philosopher Aristotle, actually coined the order name Coleoptera, which comes from the Greek koleon, which means sheathed, and ptera, which means wings. When beetles fly, they will actually hold the protective wing covers out to the sides, which allows the hindwings to move freely and keep them airborne.

Beetles chew their food. 
While this may seem obvious, not all insects do. Butterflies will sip liquid nectar from their own built-in straw. However, one common trait all adult beetles and even most beetle larvae share is mandibulate mouthparts, made just for chewing. Most beetles feed on plants, however, some beetles like ladybugs will hunt and eat smaller insect prey. The common name beetle is thought to derive from the Old English word bitela, meaning little biter.

Beetles can be noisy and some can glow in the dark. 
There are many insects that are known for their sounds, such as cicadas, crickets and katydids. However, many beetles produce sounds too. However, their sounds are not nearly as melodic. Deathwatch beetles will bang their heads against the walls of their wood tunnels, which makes a surprisingly loud knocking sound, and both male and female bark beetles chirp as a mating ritual to find one another. In addition to sounds, certain species will actually produce light. Fireflies flash signals to attract potential mates. In glowworms, the light organ runs down the sides of the thoracic and abdominal segments.

While summer is filled with fun activities outdoors, we don't want any pests interfering in. Get rid of these pesky pests and call the Best Pest Control company at the Lake of the Ozarks. We can do our best to make sure your summer is pest free! To learn more about our services and to schedule your appointment, call 573-348-1600.


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