Termites? We've Got You Covered!

You and your family will be closing in two weeks on your dream home and can't wait to start making new memories. Visually, the home is perfect - the roof is sound, all the appliances are in working order, but the inspection report indicates a termite infestation...

If not remedied properly, termites can be as as damaging to homes as floods and tornadoes. This does not mean you should break your contract on that dream house though. Once termite infestation or damage is revealed, your first plan of action should be to contact a professional pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks. There are solutions to rid the home of these unwanted pests. Treatment and repair can then be negotiated with the seller.

Signs to Look For
Termites are not always obvious to the naked eye. There are some clues of infestation that buyers can look for: a swarm of winged insects or "swarmers", discarded wings, cracked or bubbling paint and wood that sounds hollow when tapped. The signs may be similar to water damage. A scent like mold or mildew may also be apparent.

Older homes constructed of wood are not the only homes susceptible to termite damage. Brick and masonry homes could have termites in the framing, flooring and even furniture. It is also not uncommon for newer homes to have termites. If purchasing a new home, ask the seller if the home had a termite pre-treatment or if the wood used to build the home was termite-resistant.

How to Prevent Termites
In the U.S., there are three types of termites, drywood, dampwood and subterranean. A professional termite exterminator in Lake of the Ozarks should be contacted to identify the species for successful elimination. If infestation gets bad enough, termites will eat through books and stored food. Here are a few ways to prevent termites from reappearing once they have been exterminated:
  • Keep wooden parts of the home foundation 6 inches above soil
  • Do not store firewood, lumber or paper near home or crawl space
  • Remove dead trees, stumps and roots
  • Keep mulch below the siding of the home
  • Install metal flashing on the home
  • Regularly inspect cracks and joints in concrete slabs for evidence of termites
  • Keep the basement and crawl space as dry as possible

We've Got You Covered
Termite inspections are a small investment for the long time life of your home. Best Pest Control will reverse any damage through professional repair. It is important that all of the infestation has been fully exterminated to prevent any further infestations. This will prevent costly repairs in the future.

We've got you covered so you can get to the closing table. With three locations at Lake of the Ozarks, Best Pest Control will be able to rid your future home of these destructive pests in a timely manner. Let us be your trusted pest control company at Lake of the Ozarks for years to come.


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