4 Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Wasps are a pesky problem to have when trying to enjoy the beautiful weather this summer at the Lake of the Ozarks. Wasps can be a dangerous pest to have both indoors and outdoors, especially when friends and family are near. Having wasps flying around, seeing their nest, or being stung is a clear sign that you need to address the issue in a timely manner. Keep your home, family, and pets safe from wasps this summer by having the best Pest Control company at the Lake of the Ozarks treat your home.

Here are a few signs you may have a wasp infestation that needs to be addressed immediately:

1. You've Seen Them Flying Around
You may have a wasp problem if you visibly see wasps flying around the outdoor space of your home. Wasp bodies have yellow and black markings. They maneuver through the air quickly, similar to a bird. Since they fly around fast, wasps can be difficult to spot. However, you may hear them buzzing around your home. Seeing and/or hearing wasps around the exterior of your home is a sign you need to have the issue treated.

2. You've Found a Nest Nearby
Locating the nest can be a sure sign that you have a wasp issue. These nests can be hidden or in plain sight. If the nest is hidden, you may notice the wasps flying in and out of a small opening in your home. Some wasps even nest in the ground near gardens or plants. They prefer to have a hidden location for protection. Wasps can damage your plants and flowers, so if you find a nest, it's important to get it treated by a professional. 

3. You or Your Family Members Have Been Stung
A sure sign that you have a wasp issue is to physically be stung by a wasp. They use their stinger to defend themselves when they feel threatened. Although you may not intend to threaten them, invading their space will put them on the defense. Stings can be dangerous, especially if the person being stung is allergic. Aside from the pain of a sting, the site can also swell and burn. Dizziness may occur as well. The best way to avoid a wasp sting is to safely have the insects removed from around your home.

4. You're Finding Them Inside Your Home
Wasps in your home create a more urgent situation. It is important to find where the pests have entered the home, so you know what location needs to be treated. Wasps usually enter through windows or doors. They can enter when the door or window is ajar, or if they are not sealed properly.

Don’t let pesky wasps rule the home you have worked so hard to create and maintain. Outside spaces, such as the patio, porch, deck, and garden, are used most during the summer months. Keep your friends and family safe while enjoying those areas this summer. If you see a wasp, have located the nest, or have been stung, you need to address the issue as soon as possible. These insects can cause damage to your property, or even worse, your family. Leave it to the pest control professionals at the Lake of the Ozarks to aid in the removal of the wasps near your home. 


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