Protect Your Home From Fleas and Ticks

The weather is really starting to warm up, and we are starting to see fleas and ticks come out of their winter hiding spots. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks knows that during the summer months, fleas and ticks are top of mind, especially for pet owners. We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about getting bitten by one of these pests or your pet bringing them indoors. To help you protect your yard, Best Pest Control has a few tips for flea and tick control at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Keep Your Yard Mowed

Eliminating fleas and tick’s favorite hangout spots is the first step in making your yard unappealing to them. This means getting rid of tall grass and brush, especially around the edge of the lawn. When doing yard work, ensure you clean up any clippings and leaves and put them in a yard waste receptacle. Simple landscaping can help not only make your yard look better, but also help reduce hiding spot for fleas and ticks.

Discourage Wildlife

Opossums, raccoons, and feral cats can bring fleas and ticks into your yard. Don't invite these critters into your yard by leaving bowls dog or cat food outside. Trim back any trees or high shrubs that could let wild animals crawl into your attic. Seal off any opening to crawl spaces, garages, shed or below the deck, where these animals could nest.

Vacuum Frequently

Just because you have fleas and ticks in your house doesn't mean your home is dirty. However, if you pay extra attention to certain areas, you can help avoid having these pests in your home. Flea eggs, larvae, and pupae often live in carpeting and throw rugs, so it's best to vacuum at least once a week, and more often if you spot fleas. Fleas often avoid high-traffic areas, so be sure to vacuum near the baseboards, under furniture, under cushions and anywhere your pets like to sleep or spend time. If your pet likes to ride in the car with you, make sure to vacuum your car as well.

Treat Your Pets

Our furry friends could bring both fleas and ticks into our home and yard. It's best to use some sort preventative tick and flea medication on your pets, especially if they venture outside. After being outside, run a flea comb or brush through their coast before coming inside to reduce the number of pests they bring in with them. It’s important to bathe them frequently and make sure they don’t bring any unwanted critters into your home.

Have Your Yard Sprayed

Even with taking these preventative steps, fleas and ticks could still make their way into your home and yard. Best Pest Control can help you fight back with regular pest control spraying. Best Pest Control is your source for all things pests, including fleas and ticks. Enjoy your summer outdoors without having to worry about fleas and ticks ruining your time.

Call Best Pest Control Today

Our expert technicians can help you protect your home from all pests this summer. The best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks offers a full range of pest control, animal control and weed control services. Don't spend your summer worrying about pests or doing yard work. Instead, give Best Pest Control a call!


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