Good Bugs Vs. Bad Bugs

Best Pest Control knows that any bug in the house is a bad bug. What about outside your home? Some insects and spiders are beneficial and cause relatively no harm - in fact, they can actually help your garden and pest control efforts! Let's look at some common Missouri bugs to reveal which ones are good bugs, and which ones you should call in the best pest control company at the Lake of the Ozarks for.

Good Bug - Dragonfly

These insects were some of the first bugs to develop wings, appearing nearly 300 million years ago! Dragonflies are plentiful in the warmer months, and while they may seem to always be around your plants, the adult dragonfly actually eats other insects. If your pond or lake access point has dragonflies, don't get rid of them - they are doing their best to get rid of your mosquito population.

Bad Bug - Termite

Termites get a bad rap, and for good reason! A nest of termites can vary wildly in population, makingbest bug exterminator at the Lake of the Ozarks.
the discovery of one fairly concerning. A large enough nest can cause massive damage to your home and property. While there are home remedies for a termite infestation, your best option is to call in the

Good Bug - Spiders

We know, spiders aren't insects. They are, however, so beneficial that this list wouldn't be complete without them. When found outside in their natural environment, spiders are a natural predator to insects in your garden and yard. If you have children, be careful - some spiders are venomous and Missouri has several species that can cause considerable harm to people if threatened. If spiders aren't your thing or you want to prevent accidents, call Best Pest Control and we'll eradicate them from your property.

Bad Bug - Fleas

Carried by pets, deer, and other pests, fleas may infest a household through several different methods. A flea bite can transfer diseases and leave red itchy marks all over the body. If you have a flea problem, bathing the family dog or cat won't be enough. You'll want to call in the Lake of the Ozarks' best pest control company and have us get rid of your flea problem.

Good Bug - Praying Mantis

A praying mantis could easily be renamed "preying" mantis for its hunting capabilities. These elongated insects hunt several species of pests, but they also consume beneficial bugs as well. Your garden will not have the problem pests like aphids, roaches, moths, or flies. However, they will also be devoid of pollinating insects like weevils, dragonflys, small spiders, and anything small enough to be caught in a praying mantis' grasp. This makes the mantis a good bug to have for a short amount of time, but not to keep in your garden forever.

Best Pest Control Can Help You With Your Pest Control Needs!

Good bugs or bad ones, if they are causing you a problem, they're all the same. Best Pest Control doesn't discriminate insects - they are all eliminated from your home when we treat your property. Our Lake of the Ozarks pest extermination company also provides live trapping services, and rodent elimination tactics as well. Call Best Pest Control TODAY at  for a free estimate on solving your pest issues.


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